Norway Spring

Springtime for us as nature-photographers is like party every day! But springtime in Scandinavia is even a bigger party, two elusive birds start to show themselves and perform a spectacular display, in the middle of ancient forests and bogs: the huge Capercaillie and noisy Black grouse.
Displays don’t last that long however, so to have the best of the best, you need to plan your photography very careful! A nice bonus were the roosting Pink-footed geese, on their way to Svalbard to breed. Probably most of them had spent their winter close to my home in Belgium!

Although we had our basecamp at Ole’s guesthouse in Flatanger, I haven’t slept there once; every night was spent in the tent in the forest, close to the leks of Capercaillies and Black Grouses. During the day there was sometimes some energy left to go and photograph the White-tailed eagles, or the Red squirrels or even some landscape-photography in the boreal rainforests…

Nice way to start spring!