Svalbard photo expedition July 2016

Too much travelling last year…so I ended up having a great backlog in editing and publishing my pictures. Probably many will not see daylight in the first years, but hey…as long as we are having fun in the field and shoot fantastic wildlife and nature!

And that we did last summer in Svalbard! I was guiding on the MS Origo for a group of 12 photographers, spread out from various places such as Belgium, US, Denmark and even Singapore.

With a small group like that we are very flexible, and that’s what it’s all about in being in such a remote and dynamic place as Svalbard. You never know where you will find the ice-flows (which is always our first goal of the trip, since it’s here where the Polar bears roam) and where and when to find wildlife. It’s a game of being on standbye all the time and carefully select your moments of sleep. If you can call it sleep.

After guiding several summer boat expeditions in Svalbard, I can say we had another very succesful trip, and guests were very excited! Every trip is so different. You can never get the same conditions twice. Or the same pictures. Even if you sail the exact same route, there will always be something that has changed which will create new stunning photography challenges.
Special this year was that we allready in July had the unique opportunity to sail as east as Storøya and even Kvitøya, which is very rarely visited on Svalbard expeditions. These are very remote places, but Polar bears often rest out on these small islands, so we did found some very cooperative bears to photograph. And even sailing so far east, we still had plenty of time to visit the unique places we normally try to reach and cruise through the pack-ice, thanks to the quite fast and strong build Origo.

Svalbard is my preferred travel destination, and I am looking forward to guide even more trips in the future! Next month we will travel again with a small group to explore Svalbard by boat ànd snowscooter! And in July we will sail out again with the Origo from 6-15 July, and we have some more spots available on this exciting photo-expedition! If you are interested in joining me, don’t hesitate to send me a message and I will provide you with all the details you need!

These photos are taken with Nikon D5, D810, D500, AF-S VR 600mm F4 E FL, 80-400mm, 14-24mm, 24-70mm.

Thanks again to the fantastic group of participants, you guys made this trip unforgettable!