Norway January 2016

Killer whales and Humpback whales in Norway


  1. Biggest concentration of Killer whales in the world!
  2. Unbelievable close-up observations of the whales!
  3. Wonderful scenery of the Vesteralen islands
  4. Beautiful soft winter light
  5. Guided by a professional nature photographer from Belgium

Two winters ago scientists discovered that the Herring run moved from Tysfjorden to the north of the Vesteralen. The whole fjords were filled with huge schools of Herring. Soon hundreds of Killer whales and tens of Humpback and Fin whales came to feed on these Herring. We didn’t doubt for a moment and knew this is a huge spectacle everybody should witness! That’s why we now offer a photography tour to Norway to see these huge animals and photograph them at very short distances! Every day we go out with our RIB boat, to enjoy the crowded ocean, full of Killer whales and Humpbacks. You will get to see (and smell!) hundreds and hundreds of these giant creatures!
Each evening we will carefully look out for the Northern lights.
We stay in a very cozy guesthouse in the harbor of Andenes, our basecamp.
This tour is really recommended for everybody who wants to enjoy real wild nature up close!

During this trip there will be some options to swim with the whales specially for the underwater photographers!

After booking we will provide you with a lot of information regarding gear, clothing and everything else!



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Daily boattrip of about 2-3 hours, full-pension, local transport, guiding.


Flight, alcoholic beverages.

Group size

8 photographers (included photographing guide). On the boat there’s a capacity for 12 people, but we choose to have only 8 photographers on board, so you have enough space around you to move and shoot in any directions.


Thanks to the warm gulf stream it is not as cold as you might expect at this latitude in winter! Nevertheless, bring warm clothes that will protect you against wind and spray. On the boattrips you will have to wear warm and floating survival suits and a life-jacket. Wear waterproof shoes, that have a good grip on a slippery boat. We will provide you with sufficient information regarding gloves and hats.

Airport destination

Airport of Andenes. Transport to the guesthouse is included.


Perfect lenses on the boat are fast zooms of 70-200mm, or fixed focal lengths not exceeding 300mm. Bring a fast camera that gives good results at higher ISO, because we will be shooting high speed action in low light condition.
For landscape photography you will need wideangle lenses and a sturdy tripod.
For the Northern lights you need fast wideangle lenses of minimum aperture of F2.8.
Boattrips can be bumpy and salt spray can splash on you gear, so bring rain covers for camera’s, lenses and camera-bags.

Level of fitness

There are no specific condition required. Walking is limited to small excursions to the beach or other nearby destinations.
Boattrips could be bumpy and wet. To be able to walk around on a shaking and slippery boat gives you better options to shoot in any directions.
When Northern lights are active, be prepared to spend long nights outside.

Tour leader

Yves Adams


Behind the scenes 2014
Wildlife pictures 2014

More information

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