Svalbard 6 – 15 July 2016

A unique expedition to the high Arctic organized for the dedicated wildlife photographer


  1. Expedition in small group.
  2. Only for nature photographers, no wasting time on cultural sites.
  3. Spacious and fast MS Origo boat compared to slower and smaller yachts.
  4. Arctic travelling with two Svalbard-experienced and inspiring young Scandinavian guides.
  5. Photographic assistance by a Belgian professional wildlife photographer

After a long winter sleep, the Arctic awakens and migrating birds arrive with the thousands in the colonies on the steep cliffs and on the vast tundra-landscape, while the pack-ice firmly holds its grip at the edge of the North pole. This is the right time to explore this magnificent and pure paradise and to set sail direction ice shelf. Here we will meet some amazing tough creatures that are able to survive in these extreme conditions, we will concentrate on finding and spending all the time on Polar bear, walrus, seals, Arctic fox, and of course many species of birds. And although there are only a mere 30 species of breeding birds, many of them are very exclusive and Svalbard is the place to photograph them in Summer plumage like the Ivory gull, Brünnichs guillemots, Little Auks, Barnacle and Pink-footed geese,…

We will have lots of time, and we don’t follow normal daily life, we will have 24 hours of light each day, with mainly the best light late afternoon till late night and only a few hours later it starts again till late morning. We will look hard for polar bears, and if we have found one, we will stay with it as long as they let us. No need to rush for lunch or dinner, our cook will have to wait for us!
During our quest for the big ones, we will explore the bird colonies, glaciers,…but we will not spend time on historical or cultural attractions. We are here for nature and wildlife, and photographing it! That’s why we travel in a small group, so everybody has his spot on deck, and plenty of room in the two Zodicas, which we will use to do the landings, or trips through the ice for close and low-levelled encounters with wildlife.
We will be guided by very experienced polar-adventurers from Vega-Expeditions and a Belgian professional nature photographer. During long boat trips to interesting places, we will be holding slideshows and lectures about the life in the Arctic and photography in extreme conditions. There will be time for personal assistance and help of any kind. An extra on this trip is the option to even make small kayak-trips around the boat, which even create possibilities to do split-level underwater photography…
Our home will be the charmful MS Origo, that normally has capacity up to 24 passengers, but for this dedicated holiday is limited to 12 photographers. That means we will be able to travel ànd photograph in all comfort and joy.


6 – 15 July 2016


To be announced


All meals, all excursions, lectures, guiding.


Flight to Longyearbyen (and possible night in hotel if flights are not connecting to departure and arrival times), soft drinks or alcoholic beverages.

Group size

12 photographers


MS Origo.


2 pers cabins, extra charge tor a single room (if available when booking).


From wide-angle (even fish-eye), macro to long telelens, with extenders, plenty of batteries, memory cards and memory tanks or external hard disks, tripod,…


Warm multi layer cloathing with waterproof exterial layer, waterproof shoes or wellies for landings.




We will be mainly photographing from the wide deck of the MS Origo and from our two Zodiacs. We will try to do daily excursions with the Zodiacs and now and then we will do landings if the area is safe (Polar bears!), there we will do small walks to bird-colonies or other attractions. The sun will not go down at night, so prepare for long photography-light!


Yves Adams and the Vega Expeditions team


Behind the scenes 2014
Wildlife pictures 2013

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