Autumn Greenland

So this is what icebergs look like! That was my first thought when we reached Greenland coast. I’m pretty familiar with Svalbard’ glaciers, and they are really stunning. But nothing compared to the huge glaciers of Greenland!
This was my first visit to Greenland, so I was very very excited. We started in Svalbard and sailed across the Greenland sea, and although just beiing a sea, this was already a great adventure for me. This is the area where Harp and Hooded seals live, and I really wanted to observe them in these waters. We managed to sail along the pack-ice, and found much more ice than we actually wanted.

With some delay we finally reached Greenland coast. Very strange feelings when you visit a new place like this. Strange to realise you already know you will come back before you ever been there. And I was very convinced after this first expedition.
This was not a photography trip however, but I spent as much time as possible out on deck of the big boat. Wildlife is scarce here, and especially starting from this time of the year. But we got spoiled with nice light, autumn colors on the tundra, and of course huge icebergs! Twice, probably three times as big as our boat. Unbelievable.
My most exciting experience happened when we were sailing into the Scoresby Sund, surrounded by enormous icebergs, nothing to hear but the buzzing engine sound of the slowly proceeding boat, until suddenly out of nowhere flocks of Pink footed and Barnacle geese started to appear, flying low and loudly honking. For days we hardly saw any wildlife, and then these big flocks flew over, telling us that it’s time to go south, it’s going to get too cold here! Crazy birds, flying all this distances to come here to breed. Well, crazy, don’t really know, I guess I could spend my summers here as well.

The Greenland landscape was very impressive, and I look forward to come back here. My idea is to organise a photo-tour to the West-coast of Greenland in September 2016, just for 24 photographers on a sail ship. Who wants to join me ;-)?

Finally I want to show my sincere gratitude to Sergey and Aleksey Anisimov from Global Arctic Awards who made this trip possible! It was great meeting you Sergey! Спасибо Сергей!

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