Eagles in the snow

I can’t seem to get enough of eagles. They just keep on fascinating me, even if I already have spent many succesful days in hides, observing and photographing them at close distance.
When I heard about a place in Poland where about 30 birds came to feed on the carrion that was provided for them, I needed to check that out!
I drove to Poland in very bad (which is good!) snow-conditions, so I was very eager to see the area where the hide was situated, to find out if there was snow too. I was very pleased to have heavy snowfall during my days in the hide! It made photography very difficult sometimes (at moments I hardly could see the birds), but that’s what makes it exciting, and gives the pictures that extra mood.

Oh, and the maximum of White tailed eagles in front of the hide was 34 birds! That’s a lot of eagle!
Maybe next year I will try to organise a small group-trip to this place, so if you are interested to join me, give me a message!

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