Grey seal time

Here’s a small collection of images I took last weekend, when my friend Luc and I went to a colony of Grey seals in the UK. He had never seen this before, and I promissed him long time ago to show him the wonderful seals.

Weather had been against us for days at home, so we started the trip with little as no hope to get some colourful pictures. But when we got up early in the morning, long before sunrise, we were spoiled with an open sky and all the stars shining.

This is the time when the seals (the Grey seals at least) get their pups, and the males are waiting impatiently to mate again. A spectacular time with lot’s of activity and stunning behaviour. Although we felt very privileged to see the seals at their best, we knew we had to be very careful not to disturb them , and keep safe distances; in order not to cause panic or stress so that big bulls wouldn’t overrun small pups.

The minute we drove back home, with a big smile after seeing so many nice things in the seal colony ├ánd with a harddisk full of new pictures, it started raining again…

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