Hungary colours

A colourfull collection of images I took in Hungary in June, mainly from fixed hides. June isn’t really the best time to shoot birds, because temperatures can already rise high quite quickly in the mornings, causing hard light and birds getting inactive during biggest part of the day. It got really hot, and sleeping in the van was a nightmare. Sleeping outside wasn’t really an option because of the zillion mosquitos, even during the day…

Every morning came too early, light became too hard too quickly in the morning, and waiting for the good evening light lasted forever under the hot sun, and when it was coming, it was over in a split second, and then it was already very late again! So a real battle with time every day. Guess I know why I really like the wintertime!

Thanks to my excellent guide Attila Szilágyi I managed to get a wide variety of shots, which would have been impossible on my own!

Next year I have chartered a week at these hides, and if you want to join me, have a look at !

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