My maiden trip to Iceland. I already knew in advance this wasn’t gonna be my only Iceland trip, so I left quite confident that I didn’t had to see everything on this first time,
but after a month of travelling all over the country, I was so saturated (my hard-drives as well ;-)) and had seen so many beautiful things,
I almost wanted to be back in a less overwhelming place, like my hometown :-/

My main goal however was to finally have an encounter with the elusive Arctic foxes. We drove the whole country, and saw only one adult fox, which ran away like a rocket the second I looked at it…
Luckily I knew of a remote place, abundant with quite tame foxes at Hornstrandir, so we knew we had to spent a week over there.  It turned out to be the best choice by far.
Not only we escaped from the busy touristic ‘mainland’, we were spoiled by a wonderful landscape full of birds ànd foxes! We even managed to find a den with cubs, so we had a great time up there.

Iceland, I will be back!

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