River Lys – Leie

I must have visited this particular place in the valley of the river Lys a thousand times, and still it strikes me how calm and peaceful this little piece of nature is in our densely populated surroundings. When I drove back home from a trip to Denmark, and fog was rising along the road during midnight, I knew I couldn’t just go home and have a long sleep in the morning. I cherish these kind of mornings, when you get up in the cold dark, and everything is covered in morning dew and fog.

For a long time I wanted to go back to the river I had been to so many times before, so I didn’t need to look on the map where to go. I parked the van next to the water, and had an anxious three hour sleep…The results are these pictures, had a very nice morning, and a long sleep afterwards ! (I took the aerial shot a week after this morning on the same spot, when the trees decided to turn on their autumn colours)

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