Photographing nature and wildlife is a great experience. In fact, I became so passionate about it, it finally became my full-time occupancy. That sounds great, and very often that’s true, but it’s also a lot about preparation, time-consuming scouting, finding and contacting the right people, taking risks,… A lot of things that most of us are not prepared to do, they just can’t or they just don’t have the time.

For more than twenty years now I have been travelling with my camera gear to some amazing parts of the world. I had fantastic experiences, but often I regretted I couldn’t share this with other people. Photographing stunning nature and elusive wildlife is wonderful, but I knew I had to give other people the same rush and experience that I very often witness. That’s why I started planning trips with photography-friends. I like organizing and planning trips, but above all I love to enjoy company by other enthusiastic photographers and give them a great time in the field, behind their cameras.
After several successful trips it became pretty addictive, and I started planning more trips for small groups, because more and more people wanted to join me too. So that’s when I started with my company Tierra Photo Tours, as a department of the licensed travel company Tierra in Belgium, and with Starling (website in Dutch).
I have now organized several trips all over Europe to some of the greatest destinations out there, with virtually a guaranteed success on getting great shots. Since I will go to pre-visited and strongly selected areas, we won’t lose precious time in effortlessly searching for animals, since I know where to go. Very often we already start shooting in the afternoon or evening after arrival!
Of course we always work in the best light conditions, in early morning and late evening light, and since our groups are always very small, we are very flexible in moving to other spots.

I present my trips to destinations that in my opinion offer the most challenging and rewarding conditions. For the Dutch version, see

See you on one of my next trips!

January 2016, Norway

Killer whales and Humpback whales in Norway

6 – 15 July 2016, Svalbard

An unique expedition to the high Arctic organized for the dedicated wildlife photographer