A few years before the digital photography revolution, when clients wanted to use my pictures, they still had to call me on my phone. Or they sent me a letter, by post that is (and I’m not that old I think)! Already at those ‘dark ages’ my clients were stressed, postponed photo-inquiries till the last second. So at the time they called me and my colleagues, they urgently needed the pictures! Let me tell you what I did after such a phone call… When I finally arrived at home after some time in the field after a trip (yes, I always got these calls when I was travelling to some remote destinations!) I opened my archive closet (…). Before me was a collection of thousands and thousands of selected and unselected slides (yes, kilometers of developed and still uncut film rolls) . My best shots were archived in plastic translucent folders,  which I put down on my lightbox. With my loupe I tried to select the shots I thought would suit the client best. Then I scanned them through my 4000dpi scanner, and processed them on the computer (a few years before that, I just sent the slides to the client, and if -IF!- they returned, where often destroyed completely!).
After processing I burned them on a CD, and put it in an envelope. Since there was often a deadline to deal with, I couldn’t just throw the envelope in the mailbox, no, I had to go to the post-office personally to make sure it got sent by priority. You can imagine it took me a lot of  trouble and sweat to respect these deadlines.

I knew I didn’t want to keep up with this hectic lifestyle for long. It must have been around 2003, when my colleague Rollin Verlinde (Europe’s most talented bat-photographer) agreed to build up a private agency with our picture-collection online Vilda, where people could select order ànd immediately download the pictures. This took us an enormous amount of meetings, work, investments, risks and hope. But now after many many years later and tens of thousands pictures added, and other highly skilled photographers joined, we don’t regret a single second  we created our own agency!
If you need pictures now, you don’t have to call anymore, you don’t need to wait for the postman,…Everything on our website works automatic and fast, but if you need personal assistance, we will get back to you as fast as possible.

We work also on assignment, and have proven time after time we are a trustworthy and professional partner in all sorts of projects, experienced in all sorts of levels and flexible with our enthusiastic team.

Some features of our website
-professional and easy understandable website with more than 80.000 pictures and growing
-Very clean view at the pictures, and for registered visitors, views at 1200 pixels wide pictures without watermarks
-Detailed info with every picture, correct species determinations, lots of pictures are marked on GoogleMaps
-Both easy and extensive search engines, searchable with keywords, categories, colours and locations on GoogleMaps
-Only high quality and big resolution pictures are offered
-All pictures are available within minutes after ordering on the desired resolution
-there is an extensive lightbox-application
-Fast personal contact and assistance

Some features of our team:
-we each have a profound background in nature study and nature protection
-we all have our expertise, from bats to birds to insects to landscape to aerial photography…
-very friendly and helpful staff with personal contact

If you are looking for high quality images, a friendly and fast service, have a look at!