Whales in Norway

Spectacular things in nature happen out there all the time. It’s hard to make a choice which ones you should really go and look at first. But believe me, watching whales must be on your top-list!
For some reason I missed every opportunity to observe Killer whales. Although I travelled several times to destinations where these huge dolfins could be seen, I never did. Until a few years ago it was very easy to see them in winter in a fjord in Norway called Tysfjorden, because millions of Herring fish came to winter here. But the Herring run left Tysfjorden and with them also the Killer whales were gone. I thought I missed my chance forever. But since two winter ago scientists found out that the Herring run now started visiting the northern parts of the Vesteralen, a group of islands north of the Lofoten. And again, with the Herring, also the Killer whales were again to be seen! I didn’t hesitated a moment, and planned a tour for a small group, because I was sure others would love to see this too!

It is difficult to describe how it feels to see (and smell!) meters up high blows of huge whales everywhere around you, to see dorsal fins of Killer whales circling around everwhere you look (scientists estimated the total number of Killer whales present here at about 700 individuals, which is the world’s largest concentrations of Killer whales!), and when you look in the water, all you can see is thousands and thousands of Herring swimming around!

At this time of year the sun climbs over the horizon again for the first time. Since the end of November the sun did not show herself at all. It was not dark though, instead we got to see wonderful coulours during the whole day; the kind of light I really love to see but usually last about ten minutes… I can imagine winter would be very long for a lot of people, for me it would just be too short! What a scenery! And when the Northern lights started to show in the evening, we were so excited we almost forgot to go to bed.

Every day on the boat was different. We saw hundreds of Killer whales, Humpback whales playing just under our boat, huge Fin whales gave us a taste of their breaths,… It is a fantastic experience to see these huge animals so close to the boat!!
Of course I will be organising another tour again next year! I will be guiding this tour with http://www.starlingreizen.be/. I will organise two tours, on the second tour we will even try to swim with the whales and photograph them underwater! If you want to join me, send me an email!


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