White world of Svalbard

I spent two weeks in one of my most favorite places on the planet: Svalbard. I was privileged to guide a wonderful and brave group of photographers during the first week, and showed them all the great things Svalbard has to offer. I’m sure they all returned back home with lots of deep impressions! I made a short making-of’ gallery on my Tierra Photo Tours website.

It was hard to leave the upcoming spring and to miss the arrival of some summer birds; but as soon as we landed on the frozen airstrip in Longyearbyen, I couldn’t wait to explore the area, and to see if the Arctic fox was waiting for me, if I could discover any Ptarmigans on the mountain slopes,…

I’m back home now. Birds are singing everywhere, flowers are blooming, everything is fresh green, and even if it’s very comfortable to sit in a t-shirt now, I really miss the cold. And the white world. And the white creatures. Hope you all get through the long winter and see you this summer!

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